Guidelines for Digital Files

We accept both PC and Macintosh platforms. We currently operate in Windows, however we can accommodate any Macintosh file we receive. Please note a printed copy should be forwarded with the digital file for reference.

Digital File Formats

We accept digital files in Application Programs or Postscript formats.

(1) The Application format allows us to do any editing or alterations that may he required. When supplying files in this format you must supply a copy of all graphic links and fonts used in the document. (2) A Postscript file is a non-editable file. It embeds all pertinent information within it. Most programs produce Postscript files. You must include specifics such as: output size and orientation, resolution of the output, line screening frequency, and placement of crop marks. You will be responsible for any error in a postscript file.

Accepted Software

Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Pagemaker. The above mentioned programs are supported in both PC and Macintosh formats. Further programs are supported such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Word, however these files must be submitted in a postscript format.

Accepted Portable Media

We accept digital files on zip discs (100 Mb or 250 Mb), CD’s, and 3 1/2″ floppy discs. Other formats may also be submitted, please inquire before submission of files.

Is Your Document Ready for Output?

Your document is not ready to be processed until it meets the requirements for printing. If you are submitting the job as a finished project it should be:

(a) colour trapped (only required on multi-colour jobs where the colours fit) (b) bleeds should be included on all full coverage projects. (c) orientation and layout should be as per Pocket Press specifications. For example a booklet should be supplied in printers spreads.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned please feel free to ask our graphics department for an explanation.

Stuffit or ZIP it

Compression programs compress your files. PC uses PKZIP or WINZIP. Macintosh uses Stuffit. These are used to compress documents, fonts and links. Do not use any backup software or utility to compress or span files. Instead, PC users can use PKZIP to span files over multiple discs



Over 75% of problem files have missing fonts. You must supply all fonts used in your document including any fonts in your graphic applications. Even if you have used standard fonts, it is necessary to supply them. Our fonts could be slightly different than yours. Adobe fonts come with a screen font and a printer font. The screen font allows the computer to render the typeface on the screen and the printer font tells the printer how to draw the font when outputting. Truetype fonts require only one font to be supplied as they have both the screen and printer font in one. If you cannot obtain the font(s) used in the document a substitution may be required.

Graphic Links

A link is a graphic file or a scan that has been imported and has not been created in the same application you are doing your final layout in. We may have to access them for modifications (trapping, photo adjustments, troubleshooting, etc.).



All scans should be supplied in a TIF or EPS format. If the scan is in full colour it should be in CMYK not RGB. The scans resolution should be a minimum 300 dpi for proper output.

If the scans are in a JPEG format they can be converted. If the scans are in a RGB mode they can be converted (a slight variation will occur in colour). If the scan is in a resolution less than 300 dpi, it will be suggested that a replacement be supplied or an original for scanning be submitted. For the above mentioned an additional charge will be incurred.


If there is a logo link in the document the logo should be properly colour separated. If the job is to be output in spot colours the colours should be in a Pantone format. If the job is created in a full colour process format the logos should be in a CMYK colour format.

All single colour files should contain single colour pictures only.